Keto and Fast Food/Quick Eats

As you learn to readjust your habits around your new keto diet including compiling your favorite recipes planning your meals and getting into the swing of batch cooking there will inevitably be times when you just can’t rely on home-cooked food if you’re traveling out with friends or simply on the go you might find yourself in a fast food joint or restaurant but don’t stress even when you’re out and about you can still find low carb and ketogenic friendly foods at most places the first thing to keep in mind is don’t be afraid to ask your restaurant server to help you customize a meal that will help you stick to your macros these days nearly every restaurant from national chains to cozy bistros to mom-and-pop cafes understands the importance of working with their customers special requests with veganism gluten-free paleo and ketogenic diets becoming more mainstream most menus offer at least a few options to work with so don’t be shy let the server know what you’re looking for and he or she should be able to help you out no sweat first if possible do some research almost all restaurants post their menus online so if you can spend a little time looking over your options so you know where to start once you’re there quite often menus will display calorie counts and some have even gotten into the helpful habit of noting low-carb options if in doubt call the restaurant and ask if it’s handled requests for low carb or ketogenic meals before any restaurant worth going to will extend hospitality and friendliness to its guests and try its best to accommodate your needs when it’s time to order stick to the simplest dishes you can that feature meat cheese and veggies the more complex the dish is the more likely it includes excess sugars and carbs salads are often good choices but be sure to read the ingredients carefully avoid berries carrots and other high carb food or ask if they can be omitted stick with salads with leaf Green’s that includes some type of meat and always asked for oil and vinegar or a simple dressing on the side if possible asked to add avocado bacon and hard-boiled eggs to your salad of course croutons and other bready crunchy toppings should be avoided or picked out if necessary just like with salad dressings it’s best to be wary of most condiments at restaurants at home you know that sauces and dressings are great ways to add fat and flavor to food but commercial brands and restaurant made sauces are often filled with sugar or other sweeteners always ask for fattier salad dressings like ranch Caesar and blue cheese as they almost always contain no sugar servers will also be happy to bring out extra sides of butter Parmesan cheese or sour cream at your request carbs are everywhere at restaurants avoid breaded and deep-fried items like chicken wings and mozzarella sticks which are usually coated with a wheat flour batter if you simply don’t have any other choice peel off the breading and dip the meat with a fatty sauce lots of bars and chicken wing restaurants offer naked chicken wings which are a great keto option more and more restaurants are also offering burgers sandwich fillings or tacos and lettuce wraps if you’re careful about the condiments remember even a little bit of sweet sauce can blow your carbs for the day this can be a tasty and satisfying keto friendly meal occasionally fast food restaurants can’t be avoided a morning order that’s easy enough is an egg cheese and breakfast meat sandwich without the butter roll at dinner choose a grilled chicken sandwich or bacon burger – the bun and ketchup ask for extra lettuce and mayo mustard and pickles on the side and you’ve got yourself a decent keto fied option take advantage of build your own burger or sandwich options to make sure you get exactly what you want we’re also big fans of Mexican fast food spots that offer some of the tastiest Quito food around burrito salads flavorful meat cheese sour cream lettuce salsa and guacamole add up to a super satisfying low carb meal for a comprehensive list of what to order at specific fast food chains check out the blog post on ruled me titled keto and fast food on the go as most fast-food restaurants offer low quality food keep a few alternatives in mind for a meal on the go a better option than a cheap bunless burger is a pit stop at a deli or supermarket to pick up some quality meat and cheese to tide you over until your next squarely keto meal our final bit of advice when it comes to eating at restaurants while following the keto diet is if you’re not sure about an ingredient skip or omit it we frequently get emails from people who are stalling weight loss goals with so many hidden carbs and hidden sugars and foods prepared and professional or commercial kitchens we have to be extra vigilant about what we order to stay on track with our macros but with a solid game plan you can order from restaurant or fast-food menus with confidence and not have to miss out on outings with friends and family or convenient meals when you’re on the move for plenty of info about how to stick to your ketogenic diet no matter what life throws your way check out ruled me for all kinds of resources like recipes tips cookware and food brand recommendations and more