Overall Guide to Keto

I’m here to tell you about a diet and overall leading philosophy really that you’ve probably heard of and may want to try the ketogenic diet while it’s definitely been trending in wellness communities recently the keto diet has actually been around for nearly a century with remarkable and proven results while there’s no one-size-fits-all diet if you’re curious to learn more about keto this is a great place to start with an overview of what the diet is its benefits and the science behind it the first thing to know about the keto diet is that it takes commitment and discipline for many people it requires a pretty drastic overhaul of their eating habits and adjusting to that can take time and intention but in the end it’s all about creating new habits once those habits stick they won’t feel like a sacrifice at all especially as you enjoy a bounty of fresh produce and proteins and fats the basic tenant of a ketogenic diet is swapping a high carb diet for a diet that’s high in fat and protein to do this we rely on sound nutritional principles eating moderate amounts of animal protein and vegetables and very low amounts of grains and sugars one difference from a standard modern American diet is that the keto diet is high in saturated healthy fats like coconut oil avocados beef tallow and ghee while many Americans have been taught to avoid all fats when dieting we believe that increasing fats can yield serious benefits more on that in a bit following a keto diet requires paying attention to everything you put in your body many people keep food journals or use smartphone apps to track their macro nutrients or macros macros are simply the fat carbs and protein that make up your diet and by counting them we can ensure that our diets are properly balanced for maximum results so what do people on a keto diet eat when it comes to produce we go heavy on leafy greens like spinach and moderate on cruciferous vegetable choose high-fat protein and dairy over and low-fat versions and grains of any kind and all sugars are not invited to the party cutting out nearly all carbs and sugars is a key element of the keto diet let’s look at what someone on a keto diet might eat throughout the day breakfast could be scrambled eggs with avocado or a vegan keto porridge made from coconut flour flaxseed meal and vanilla protein powder topped with a few berries for lunch a cup of roasted red pepper soup for a green salad with bacon and blue cheese helps keep your mid-day energy level high at dinner time hearty and satisfying keto entrees include updated classics like one pot shrimp Alfredo or lasagna casserole with spaghetti squash stepping in for traditional lasagna noodles layered with marinara sauce ground beef spicy sausage and plenty of cheese how does filling up on fats proteins and green veggies and drastically reducing carbs affect the body it’s all about ketosis a state where the body begins to rapidly metabolize fat as an energy supply carbs are the easiest molecule for your body to break down as fuel that’s where the old carbo-loading cliche before a race or a big game comes from and when you eat carbs your body converts them into glucose to provide energy to the body in the brain but when you withhold carbs from your body the liver is forced to convert fat into fatty acids and ketone bodies and that’s what the body and brain use instead of glucose that is ketosis you basically become a fat-burning machine there are several benefits to the keto diet depending on their individual goals and habits most people on a strict keto diet see notable weight loss there are also benefits reported in people suffering from epilepsy diabetes cancer Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases and many other chronic conditions while any big shift in your diet can feel overwhelming at first there are lots of resources out there for anyone who wants to start a ketogenic diet At Ruled.Me we’ve got a wealth of information for you thanks so much for watching and check back soon for more great videos from Ruled.Me for answers to all of your questions about following a ketogenic diet