The 5 Biggest Mistakes On A Ketosis Diet

Hey so in this video I’m going to talk about the five biggest ketosis mistakes I see many people making around the world so the ketogenic diet is really simple once you get the hang of it but if you do the kiddo genetic diet wrong then you’re not gonna have the best time and that’s why it’s really important to understand exactly what you should be doing and what you shouldn’t be doing so in this video I am going to be talking about the five biggest mistakes that I see people making when they’re trying to do ketosis diet okay so the first mistake is getting impatient with keto adaptation okay so what is keto adaptation basically you can enter a state of ketosis where you’re burning fat after 24-48 hours but if you haven’t been used to doing a ketogenic diet it actually takes several weeks for your body to build up the enzymes and internal mechanisms to really get good at burning fat so over for 6-8 weeks your body gets much better at using its own fat for energy so in the beginning you may have the keto flu you may be feeling a bit sluggish you may have a bit of brain fault and this is normal so you need to be patient with the ketogenic diet and understand that how you feel in the first week of doing ketosis is definitely not how you’re going to feel in five weeks time if you keep it up consistently so look forward to feeling better on the ketogenic diet and please just be patient and understand that Kido adaptation can take a bit of time the second ketosis mistake is not getting enough fat so the Kido genic died obviously is very low in carbohydrates and super high in fat and many people even if they start a ketogenic diet are worried about the amount of fat that they have to eat they’re thinking does it all this olive oil and butter and bacon and fatty meat bad for me now if you’re eating a lot of carbohydrates and you eat all this fat that’s bad news but since you’re cutting out your carbohydrate intake you don’t have an energy source anymore so it’s so important to really ramp up your fat intake so you actually give your body energy to use because if you don’t need enough fat on the ketogenic diet in the beginning and this is a very big mistake you’re going to feel sluggish tired and you’re going to think that the diet doesn’t work so a lot of that fatigue that many people feel on the ketogenic diet can be resolved simply by upping the fat so poor olive oil on your vegetables use a lot of it not too much but really don’t be afraid of eating more fat in your diet okay so the third ketosis mistake is eating too much protein now protein is important right it’s important for recovering from workouts and making sure your muscles a healthy eating enough protein is also important for regulating your mood but on a ketogenic diet it’s important to remember that the diet isn’t a high protein diet it because the majority of your calories are coming from fat only about 20% of your calories should be coming from protein now if you eat too much protein there are some people that say that that’s going to kick you out of ketosis because protein converts into glucose through Google Kony oogenesis and it’s true if you eat too much protein yes some of that is gonna turn into glucose and you’re not going to be in a deep deep state of ketosis if you’re eating less protein but the main reason why you want to not overeat protein is because that means you’re not getting enough fat okay and if you’re not getting enough fat on a ketogenic diet you were simply not going to have the fuel that your body requires in order to fuel itself okay so make sure that you’re not over consuming protein and and remember that a ketogenic diet is not a low carb high protein diet it’s very low carb very high in fat and moderate and protein ok now the fourth ketosis mistake is not getting enough electrolytes okay so electrolytes things that are important for electrical signals in the body and they are very important for our health and even more important to consume more of when you’re on a kid diet so there are three main electrolytes I want to speak about and they are sodium so if the salt you put on your food potassium magnesium okay so you need to up these a lot when you begin a kiddo genic diet because you naturally will lose them when you interested ketosis when your penciling levels go down when you eat less carbs when you fast your body gets rid of more salts so you need to eat more of it so don’t be afraid of salt salt we’ve been told is bad but the truth is is that not eating enough is much worse than eating too much so on a ketogenic diet puts salt on your food don’t be afraid of it okay I’ll be your potassium intake and your magnesium intake you can do this by consuming avocados dark green leafy vegetables pumpkin seeds for example dark chocolate these have some electrolytes as well but really really focus on avocados and dark green leafy vegetables and if you would like you can also get a magnesium or potassium supplement but the main one here a salt okay so put salt on your food don’t be afraid of it one of the best ways to get more salt and fat into your diet is simply to get your green vegetables like spinach steamed it and then put a ton of salt and a ton of olive oil on top of it okay another great thing you can do is consume a bone broth so bone broth is basically bones boiled and you have that broth right and that broth is gonna be high in fact it’s going to be high in salt it’s going to be high in water which you need more so bone broth is the best drink you can have to really get and more of the nutrients that’s important when you’re in a state of ketosis okay and the fifth and final mistake on a ketosis based diet is eating hidden carbs so today’s foods have a lot of hidden carbohydrates right marketers advertise certain foods as being natural and healthy the perfect example being yogurt right and think of yogurt is healthy on the label that says 100% natural whatever that means everything is natural and then it’s got a bunch of sugar when you look on the back label so especially on a ketogenic diet be wary of foods that are marketed to be healthy which in fact have a lot of sugar for example sources ok so many people don’t realize that a few teaspoons all of your favorite barbecue tomorrow Souls has enough sugar to truly kick you out of ketosis so being aware of those things and making conscious choices to buy low carb zero calorie sources for example and just being more aware of which foods you’re putting into your body can be a great way to not mess up your ketosis diet because eating those hidden carbs may be the reason why you still a craving carbs and you’re not losing weight because you think you’re doing everything right but you’re getting in those hidden carbs and that is causing problems so that’s it for the video of 5 ketosis mistakes that you need to avoid if you are wanting to start a ketogenic diet or you have struggling to figure out exactly which foods to eat I have a present for you click below and download you a very own 28-day a free keto meal plan so download that it’s going to give you 28 days worth of recipes and that’s going to help you out it’s gonna make life easy for you if you’re trying to sell the ketogenic diet so thanks so much for watching leave your thoughts and comments down below and I will see you in the next video